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What is Sesame Drama and Movement Therapy?


          “OPEN SESAME! It worked! Ali Baba entered a large cave, lit by light coming from a hole far above. He was surprised at this because he thought there would be only darkness inside and he fumbled at first, expecting to get lost. He made his way to the back, and there it was. Treasure which I cannot describe, but which you would recognise because you know it well.”

Ali Baba and the forty thieves


          Sesame therapy is based on Jung´s analytical psychology, who identified that the human psyche is divided into the Ego, the Personal Unconscious, and the Collective Unconscious. Jung used creativity and the symbols in dreams to help his patients explore their unconscious and make it conscious. He said that all the tools we need to be the best version of ourselves are in our own unconscious.         


           The name of this therapy symbolically represents the personal search for the key to the treasure that, according to Jung, is within each one of us. Most of us do not realise the treasure that we carry within and that the answers to all our questions live within us. This therapy aims to support us in finding the key to accessing these riches, making the unconscious conscious.

          Sesame Drama and Movement Therapy is a methodology of dramatherapy, which is one of the existing arts therapies. The arts therapies use creativity as a tool for expression and inner exploration which lead to personal development. Depending on the creativity modality used, there are different branches, such as: music therapy, dance and movement therapy, art therapy and dramatherapy, among others.

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Sesame therapy introduction

          Dramatherapy is the use of drama and theatre for therapeutic purposes. The streams within it use these tools for different purposes. In the case of Sesame Drama and Movement Therapy, which is what we offer in Terapia Sesamo, we use metaphors, symbols and images present in stories and mythology for personal development. These can help us bring to the surface difficulties, obstacles or traumas from the unconscious, which we will work through using the technique that best suits you, the client. The techniques that we will use to dive into our unconscious and work on those emotions and problems consciously in a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential environment are based on Jung's analytical psychology, just like in any other psychology or therapy session.


           Sesame Therapy is legally registered and protected by the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) in the UK and follows both the code of ethics and values ​​of competence of this professional body.


Although it is spreading around the world with professional associations, courses and therapists in: United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, United States, Greece, India and Chile among others.


In Spain, Sesame therapy is represented and spread by Leyendas del Alma and Terapia Sésamo.


Laura Amaia Leoz Wilce´s HCPC registration number: AS16795 

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